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Cuban culture boasts rich and colorful traditions that are beautifully blended and distinctly defined through the country’s art, music, fashion and food. This deep-rooted heritage reflects the diverse demographic makeup of the island’s population. Located in the Caribbean, just 90 miles from the southern most tip of the United States, Cuban influence has taken hold in North America. Nowhere is this influence more evident than in South Florida. The cultural infusion is undeniable - aromatic cigars, salsa trumpets, refreshing mojitos, guayabera shirts – it’s near impossible to spend even a few hours in Miami without experiencing a hint of its Cuban accent.

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Rocking Rooster Old Havana Cookbook Little Havana Cuban Flag - sand
Rocking Rooster
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Old Havana Cookbook
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Cuba Tye Dye Shirt Extreme Precision Little Havana Calle 8 T-Shirt Conjunto Progreso - Cuban Master Sessions: Descarga & Son - Music CD
Conjunto Progreso - Alive in Miami - Music CD Cienfuegos Beisbol shirt Almendares Beisbol shirt
Cienfuegos Beisbol shirt
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Almendares Beisbol shirt
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Marianao Beisbol shirt Polo Montanez - Guajiro Natural Music CD Celia Cruz - at the beginning
Marianao Beisbol shirt
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Made in America with Cuban parts - Navy Blue This is Afro-Cuban Funk by Palo! - Music CD Little Havana Domino T-Shirt
Yoruba Andabo - Rumba en la Habana - Music CD Cuban & American Hands CulturesToGo: Havana Original Cuban Baseball Cap
Cuban & American Hands
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CulturesToGo: Marianao Original Cuban Baseball Cap Rocking Rooster Hatuey Cerveza Cuban Beer print on canvas
Rocking Rooster
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Classic Cuban Mojito Cocktail with Cigars print on canvas CONA Large Standing Animal Genuine Handcrafted Panama Style Hat
Genuine Scala Calssico Handwoven Porkpie Style Hat Cubano Paul Mann Panama Hats at CulturesToGo Paul Mann Panama Hats at CulturesToGo
Paul Mann Panama Hats at CulturesToGo Paul Mann Panama Hats at CulturesToGo Paul Mann Panama Hats at CulturesToGo
Classic Panama Hat - Blue
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