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IMA-0102   Abalone & Peach Dyed Howite Earrings
IMA-0115   Abalone Shell & Lime Mother of Pearl Earrings
IMA-0103   Abalone Shell & Mother of Pearl Earrings
IMA-0112   Abalone Shells w Thick Black Luscious Leather Earrings
12566   Afro Cuban Woman Smoking Traditional Cigar print on canvas
RVJ-0101   Ali Cuff
785   Almendares Beisbol shirt
12541   American Presidents Chess Set
IMA-0204   Baby Pink, Mauve & Cranberry Leather Cuff Bracelet
SLS-0109   Big Fish Scarf by Sandilou
DPD-0100   Black & White Poncho
IMA-0104   Black and White Peruvian Ceramic & Bone Earrings
DPD-0201   Black Butterfly Hat
IMA-0106   Black Leather & Giant Cowrie Shell Earrings
IMA-0201   Black Leather Cuff Bracelet
IMA-0101   Black, Grey & White Leather Earrings
LJC-0111   Blue Silk Tie by Lior Jacob
LJC-0110   Brown Silk Tie by Lior Jacob
RVJ-0103   Calabash Cuff
DPD-0302   Caramel Textured Handbag
10117   Carlos Torano Cigars
RRM025R   Carmen Eliam Meditation Copper Ring
RRU020   Carmen Eliam Reiki Collection Unisex Copper Wire Band Ring
RedCopperBracelet   Carmen Eliam Spiral Copper Bracelet
166   Celia Cruz - at the beginning
1333   Cienfuegos Beisbol shirt
2816   Cigar Maker/Roller - hand-crafted by Cubans
12232C   Classic Cuban Mojito Cocktail with Cigars print on canvas
PMH-0102B   Classic Panama Hat - Blue
PMH-0102L   Classic Panama Hat - Lilac
PMH-0102N   Classic Panama Hat - Natural
PMH-0102O   Classic Panama Hat - Orange
PMH-0102R   Classic Panama Hat - Red
PMH-0102W   Classic Panama Hat - White
PMH-0102Y   Classic Panama Hat - Yellow
RVJ-0102   Coconut Cuff
10215   Cohiba Tube Cigars
13869   CONA Large Standing Animal
12029   Conjunto Progreso - Alive in Miami - Music CD
10234   Conjunto Progreso - Cuban Master Sessions: Descarga & Son - Music CD
8307   Conjunto Progreso - Masters of Cuban Son - Music CD
CRCN03   Copper Crown Ring by Carmen Eliam
SPG-0109   Cruising the Carribean Blends Set
12329S   Cuba Tye Dye Shirt Extreme Precision
13961   Cuban & American Hands
12566C   Cuban Cowboy with Cigar print on canvas
9666   Cuban Independence Figure Set
13280   Cuban Smoker
14078   Distress Name on the Side - black
14068   Distress Name on the Side - caribbean blue
14072   Distress Name on the Side - hot pink
DPD-0104   Eternity Scarf in Yellow & Grey
SLS-0102   Everything Has a Rythm Scarf by Sandilou
PMH-0112PB   Fantasy Panama Hat - Pepper Browm
PMH-0112PG   Fantasy Panama Hat - Pepper Grey
PMH-0110PBL   Fantasy Panama Hat - Puma Black
PMH-0110PB   Fantasy Panama Hat - Puma Brown
PMH-0110PR   Fantasy Panama Hat - Puma Red
PMH-0111RBL   Fantasy Panama Hat - Rice Black
PMH-0111RG   Fantasy Panama Hat - Rice Green
PMH-0111RN   Fantasy Panama Hat - Rice Natural
PMH-0111RR   Fantasy Panama Hat - Rice Rust
PMH-0111RS   Fantasy Panama Hat - Rice Sage
PMH-0100   Fino Cuenca Panama Hat AA
PMH-0101B   Fino Planter Panama Hat - Beige
PMH-0101W   Fino Planter Panama Hat - White
IMA-0107   Fire Red Leather Bracelet with Abalone Shells
SLS-0105   Fish and Coconut Scarf by Sandilou
SLS-0110   Fish and the Dominoes Scarf by Sandilou
10903   Genuine Handcrafted Panama Style Hat
12933   Genuine Scala Calssico Handwoven Porkpie Style Hat Cubano
128975   Genuine Scala Classico Handwoven Fedora Style Hat w/ Paisley Toyo Edging Cubano
DPD-0111   Green Crocodile Neckpiece
DPD-0107   Green CrocRock Belt & Stole
IMA-0105   Green Palmwood With Scarab Earrings
LJC-0101   Green Silk Tie by Lior Jacob
12638   Hand Crafted Metal Palm Tree
SLS-0111   Happy Whales Scarf by Sandilou
12232B   Hatuey Cerveza Cuban Beer print on canvas
LHT-12119   Havana Original Cuban Baseball Cap
12324   Havana Tye Dye - Shirt Extreme Precision
SLS-0103   Holding on to a Coconut Tree Scarf by Sandilou
DPD-0105   Leatherette Belt & Stole
DPD-0106   Leatherette Shrug
DSA-0101   Little Girl Statue by Deborah Shedrick
11526   Little Havana Calle 8 T-Shirt
13545   Little Havana Colors - black
14147   Little Havana Colors - red
14132   Little Havana Cuban Flag - sand
11014   Little Havana Domino T-Shirt
13804   Little Havana hand crafted sail boat
13202   Little Havana Miami, Fl Shirt - blue
13209   Little Havana Miami, Fl Shirt - green frost
14039   Little Havana New Est. 2000 - brown
14183   Little Havana New Est. 2000 - purple
13473   Little Havana Swash - Charcoal - dark red
14049   Little Havana Swash - charcoal gray
LHT0100   Little Havana Vintage Car T-Shirt
40   Made in America with Cuban parts - Navy Blue
1845   Marianao Beisbol shirt
LHT-09074   Marianao Original Cuban Baseball Cap
MPW-0101   MEN PA’W Gourmet Reserve Special Hot Sauce
13793   Miami Knife - beige
IMA-0203   Mint Green Leather Cuff Bracelet
MBJ0101   Mon Bijou Afreeka Pendant Necklace
MR084   Mon Bijou Anemone Ring
MR045-B   Mon Bijou Camila Pliee Metal Ring
MR045   Mon Bijou Camila Pliee Ring
MB132   Mon Bijou Camilla Cuff Bracelet
MB132gm   Mon Bijou Camilla Cuff Bracelet
MB133-B   Mon Bijou Camilla Cuff Rigide Bracelet
MN117   Mon Bijou Camilla Pendant Necklace
MN224   Mon Bijou Carmen Pendant Leather Necklace
ME011   Mon Bijou Celine Post Earrings Carre
ME028   Mon Bijou CLAVO Earrings
MBJ-0100   Mon Bijou Clod Swarovski Cube Crystal Ring
MBJ-0201   Mon Bijou Cort Carre Earrings
MB064   Mon Bijou Frutti Cuff Bracelet
MBJ-0203   Mon Bijou Frutti Earrings
MBJ-0110   Mon Bijou Frutti Escalier Ring
MN043   Mon Bijou Frutti Plastron Carre Necklace
MN094   Mon Bijou Frutti Single Row Necklace
MB116   Mon Bijou Isabel Cuff Bracelet
MN126   Mon Bijou Isabel Sautoir 3 Strand Necklace
MN112   Mon Bijou Koral Branch Men's Necklace
MN111   Mon Bijou Koral Claw Necklace
MB052gm   Mon Bijou Laurel Cuff Bracelet
MBJ-0200   Mon Bijou Laurel Earrings
MN044   Mon Bijou Laurel Necklace
MN060   Mon Bijou Laurel Necklace w/ Three Leaves
MR060   Mon Bijou Mimi Perle Adjustable Ring
MN064   Mon Bijou Necklace Clod Pendant -Simple
MR083-B   Mon Bijou Pan Adjustable Brass Ring
MR083   Mon Bijou Pan GM Ring
MBJ-0220   Mon Bijou Pave Earrings
MR128   Mon Bijou Pouff Brique Ring
MR130   Mon Bijou Pouff Tatu Ring
MB153   Mon Bijou West Bracelet
14043   New Est. 2000 - hot pink
14137   No Problem - cobalt blue
CAT-0101   Obama by Carlos A. Navarro
SLS-0101   Ocean World Scarf by Sandilou
37   Old Havana Cookbook
IMA-0116   Olive Green & Black Leather w Abalone Earrings
IMA-0202   Olive Green Leather Cuff Bracelet
SLS-0107   On the Way to True Blue Scarf by Sandilou
13895   Palm On The Side - gray & navy blue
13892   Palm On The Side - khaki and navy blue
14179   Palm On The Side - light blue and navy blue
13899   Palm On The Side - yellow and navy blue
PQ009   Peace Quilts A to Z Zippered Pouch
PQ001   Peace Quilts Block Print PIllow Case
PQ003   Peace Quilts Block Print Zippered Pouch
PQ004   Peace Quilts Coasters Set
PQ006   Peace Quilts Fabric Wrapped bracelet with Horn Button
PQ005   Peace Quilts Long Necklace with Pendant
PQ002   Peace Quilts Mamousette Daniela Custom Carryall Tote Shoulder Bag
12134   Polo Montanez - Guajiro Natural Music CD
PBR0107   Poster - Art Deco 2007 Poster
PBR0101   Poster - Art Deco 2008
PBR0102   Poster - Miami Series N0.1
PBR0103   Poster - Miami Series N0.2
PBR0104   Poster - Miami Series N0.3
PBR0105   Poster - Miami Series N0.4
PBR0106   Poster - Miami Series N0.5
14157   Property of Little Havana - black
IMA-0114   Pumpkin Leather w Howlite Stone Earrings
IMA-0205   Purple Leather Cuff Bracelet
12993   Ramie Fedora w Fancy Ribbon Cubana
DPD-0301   Red & Black Textured Handbag
IMA-0111   Red Coconut Shell & Dyed Bone Earrings
IMA-0108   Red Leather & Abalone Shell Earrings
RRM025B   Reiki Collection Meditation Copper Wire Ring
14174   Riped Palm Little Havana - burgundy
14167   Ripped Palm Little Havana - Sand
10906   Rocking Rooster
11347   Rocking Rooster
10099   Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill Cigars
12566B   Rustic Cuban Cigars and Chairs print on canvas
12566D   Rustic Traditional Cuban Farmer's Hat with Cigar print on canvas
13580   Salsa Little Havana - beige
SPG-0103   Salts of the Americas
2377   Santero - Hand crafted by Cubans
SLS-0106   Sea Dragonfly Scarf by Sandilou
SPG-0102   Sea Salts of the World
RVJ-0201   Sea Shell Ring
DPD-0113   Shear Black Scarf by Diane Parson
DPD-0115   Shear Orange Scarf w Butterflies by Diane Parson
DPD-0112   Shear Red w Gold Satin Wrap Scarf
DPD-0102   Sienna Embroidered Poncho
DPD-0109   Silk & Wool Wrap Scarf
DPD-0114   Silk Finged Scarf by Diane Parson
DDD-0101   Silver Beaded Coil Bracelet
DPD-0110   Silver CrocRock Belt & Stole
IMA-0110   Sterling Silver & Amethyst Earrings
DSA-0202   Tall City Boy by Deborah Shedrick
DSA-0201   Tall City Girl by Deborah Shedrick
SPG-0105   The Pancho Villa Set
SPG-0104   The Salt Mine Set
PAL-0101   This Is Afro-Cuban Funk by Palo! - Music CD

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